Monday, May 10, 2010

Software Consulting, AI & Babies

Been away for awhile having babies :) Needed to pick up some new software consulting gigs so I had to put the artificial intelligence (AI) projects down for a while -- but they're on the way back.

Been watching my baby slowly achieve greater coordination in his motor control... from seemingly random movements to more forceful, directed movements from head stabilization to utilizing his arms, hands and feet to cling or climb up my chest.

Interesting little guy, with seemingly no motives but to feed, process food and "export processed food" -- hence the 8-12 diapers each 24 hour period.

Even though I haven't spent time enhancing our AI algorithms, I still try to keep in the forefront of neuro and AI research by reading books and listening to podcasts. If you're interested in neuroscience and/or artificial intelligence, I recommend you listen to "The Brain Podcast" by Dr. Ginger Campbell - I've been listening to this Podcast for a year now - an excellent trove of information can be gathered from these insightful interviews of the latest in neuroscience research.

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