Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random Thoughts - Facebook

Facebook is crazy - I never anticipated that one particular social media platform can build such a self-sustaining fire across so many age groups but Facebook has managed to do just that. I remember watching a webcast from Berkeley around 3 years ago ... it was Marc Andreesen (of Mosaic & Netscape Browser fame) and he was speaking of "The Facebook" as he called it back then.

He talked about how dynamic the medium was and how much potential it had. Back then I thought he was probably over-selling it.... but now I understand why he's who he is. He knows his shit... nobody can predict the future but some people are just WAY better than others... and this guy is on point. I've currently been using Facebook and i'm amazed at the impact - beyond the normal 2-3 week excitement period of something new - that it has on most of the people that use it. It really does provide a platform of engagement for friends, family, workers, old school mates that has transformed how people interact. No I do not hold stock.... just amazed at how some technologies can impact people.

I've been away for awhile ... helping Big Daddy - TV Chef Aaron McCargo Jr build his mini-empire so I've been off this blog for awhile but i'm back working on new projects and new technologies and once in a while ... making some $$$.

Country seems to be gathering its footing and I've felt great this year. I'm going to shift the focus of this blog back on technology, science and medicine.


wood said...

Good to see you back 10^(-9)

Bert said...

Thanks wood. never left -- still geeking out -- just not enough time to write.