Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sexy Science - Greatest Theories of Recent History

Science is sooooo Sexy ... sexier than reality TV ... sexier than CSPAN ... and much sexier than most religions. Here's my all time top 10 list for greatest theories and breakthroughs in science (from the last couple centuries). It's difficult to make lists like these since theories are usually the result of previous research & theories .... but here's my attempt.

Criteria used: Elegance, Impact on Society and most importantly - Sexiness.

10. Maxwell - Theory of Electromagnetism

9. Neils Bohr - Theory of the Atom

8. Georges LemaƮtre - Big Bang Theory

7. Watson, Crick, Franklin and Wilkins - Structure of DNA

6. Planck - The Quantum (& Albert Einstein - Photoelectric Effect)

5. Albert Einstein - Theory of Special Relativity - Speed of Light is constant

4. Albert Einstein - Matter & Energy Equivalence - E=MC2

3. Einstein, Heisenberg, Planck - Quantum Mechanics

2. Charles Darwin - Evolution - Theory of Natural Selection

1. Albert Einstein - Theory of General Relativity (Gravity)

The only reason I chose Einstein's General Relativiy over Darwin's Evolution is because of it's superior aesthetic beauty. The sensuous embrace of space and time guiding matter along its contoured busom .... ahhhhhh ...... sexy.

Honorable Mention: Bell's Inequality Theorem, Turing Machines & Computational Theory, Mendel Genetics