Tuesday, October 9, 2007

WTF - Apple flying by Big Blue?

I recently read that Apple is about to pass Big Blue (IBM) in market capilization early next year.

This is the same Apple that used to sell its first MACs by pokin fun at how colossal and lethargic IBM was as a company (see famous 1984 commercial). Apple is currently near $140 billion (USD) in market capitalization and IBM is currently around $158 billion.

Crazy ass tech industry.... it's amazing what can happen in a couple of decades. IBM is now almost exclusively in the software services business and almost completely out of the hardware business... and the "hardware" that Apple has flying off the shelves for the past 5 years is a souped up digital version of a Sony Walkman .....

Shit .. maybe IBM can now make a commerical of the "big bad Apple" that is monopolizing people's ears ..... hahahahahaha ..... crazy ass tech industry.

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