Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sexy Science - Greatest Theories of Recent History

Science is sooooo Sexy ... sexier than reality TV ... sexier than CSPAN ... and much sexier than most religions. Here's my all time top 10 list for greatest theories and breakthroughs in science (from the last couple centuries). It's difficult to make lists like these since theories are usually the result of previous research & theories .... but here's my attempt.

Criteria used: Elegance, Impact on Society and most importantly - Sexiness.

10. Maxwell - Theory of Electromagnetism

9. Neils Bohr - Theory of the Atom

8. Georges LemaƮtre - Big Bang Theory

7. Watson, Crick, Franklin and Wilkins - Structure of DNA

6. Planck - The Quantum (& Albert Einstein - Photoelectric Effect)

5. Albert Einstein - Theory of Special Relativity - Speed of Light is constant

4. Albert Einstein - Matter & Energy Equivalence - E=MC2

3. Einstein, Heisenberg, Planck - Quantum Mechanics

2. Charles Darwin - Evolution - Theory of Natural Selection

1. Albert Einstein - Theory of General Relativity (Gravity)

The only reason I chose Einstein's General Relativiy over Darwin's Evolution is because of it's superior aesthetic beauty. The sensuous embrace of space and time guiding matter along its contoured busom .... ahhhhhh ...... sexy.

Honorable Mention: Bell's Inequality Theorem, Turing Machines & Computational Theory, Mendel Genetics

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

WTF - Apple flying by Big Blue?

I recently read that Apple is about to pass Big Blue (IBM) in market capilization early next year.

This is the same Apple that used to sell its first MACs by pokin fun at how colossal and lethargic IBM was as a company (see famous 1984 commercial). Apple is currently near $140 billion (USD) in market capitalization and IBM is currently around $158 billion.

Crazy ass tech industry.... it's amazing what can happen in a couple of decades. IBM is now almost exclusively in the software services business and almost completely out of the hardware business... and the "hardware" that Apple has flying off the shelves for the past 5 years is a souped up digital version of a Sony Walkman .....

Shit .. maybe IBM can now make a commerical of the "big bad Apple" that is monopolizing people's ears ..... hahahahahaha ..... crazy ass tech industry.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Robot Wife Algorithm - C#

Robot Wifey Algorithm Pseudocode

public void WifeyMain()
foreach (day in year)
// initialization
wifey.performKinkyActs(new random(datetime));

// emotion state management
switch (wifey.CurrentMood)
case PISSED: wifey.CurrentMood = HORNY;
case SAD: wifey.CurrentMood = HORNY;
case MAD: wifey.CurrentMood = HORNY;
case HORNY: wifey.CurrentMood = wifey.CurrentMood * 10;

// behavior management
if (wifey.CurrentMood == HORNY)
catch (Exception exc)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

RoboCup 2007 - Georgia Tech

Girl Unit Testing Soccer Robot

2 on 2 Humanoid Robot Soccer Competition

RoboCup First Day Snippets

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hawking's Plea ?

I've been getting a funny feeling (intuition?) about Stephen Hawking lately. I think Stephen is trying to reach out to somebody ... maybe everybody. In the past 12 months he has divorced, set plans to write a childrens' book, posted a question regarding human survivability on Yahoo Answers, Initiated a search for a new assistant, Made several interviews warning mankind to colonize the planets or face extinction, announced that he's preparing to be sent into space and last but not least; has moved the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight, symbolically moving mankind closer to oblivion .....

hmmmmmm....... I've seen this sort of "liberated" behavior before, a 2nd mid-life crisis maybe? instead of getting a Porsche sports car, he's getting shot into space?

hmmmmmm......... Maybe his other half was really a bitch and was really doing all those rumoured assaults on Stephen and now that she's gone he's spreading his wings again?

hmmmmmm ....... Maybe, his life threatening bout with Pneumonia 3 years ago and the subsequent discovery of potential physical abuse has reminded Hawking of how short and sweet life can be and has refocused him to live a mental and experiential renaissance in his life. CARPE DIEM BABY !!!!

Whatever the reason, I can usually tell when someone is reaching out and this man is reaching out ...... and don't worry Hawk Baby !!! I'm listening !!

So what is he really saying? I personally believe that Stephen is reaching out on two fronts. I think that his own mortality is on his mind and I feel that he's dealing with it by dealing with mankind's mortality in general. As a species, Hawking is trying to tell us to pretty much colonise the cosmos or risk extinction ... I summarize it below in what I'll name Hawkings Plea.

Hawkings Plea
Because of the factors listed below - human survivability is in serious jeopardy during the next several centuries. Global economic and intellectual resources should be applied to mankind's expansion beyond Earth. Self sustaining colonies on the Moon and Mars will allow the human race to recover from a global incident - natural or terroristic - on the planet.
  • Climate Change - Global Warming - a self sustaining climatic warming event will cause global chaos
  • Global Pandemic Virus - A pandemic such as bird flu can potentially wipe out a huge swath of human life.
  • Biological Terror Weapon
  • Nuclear Weapons Proliferation - A war between new nuclear powers provides a doomsday scenario of escalation and worldwide damage
  • Nanotechnological Weapons - Grey Goo is a real fear of several prominent scientists regarding advancements in self-assembling nanomachines
  • Asteroid Impact - we'll be joining our dinosauran brethren
  • Radical Religious Groups and States - this is probably the biggest threat since it can lead to several of the above global threats.
Stephen, whatever the reason for your recent energy... go live your life to its fullest dude. If the ladies have been giving you trouble then put them to the side for awhile ..... the ladies can drive us all crazy ... you know how many times I wanted to get shot into space to not hear the drama anymore? Dont worry, you're a natural pimp and you'll be back in the love game soon ... but take a break.

You should probably consider signing up for Cryonics too ... you're getting kinda old ... and that last bout of pneumonia almost got you. Maybe they can wake you up in a century and put you on a robotic body and The Onion article from 1997 would've been prescient.

Hope you get to live another 100 years Stephen ....

01/18/2007 - Doomsday Clock moved closer to "Midnight"
01/09/2007 - Hawking is Going To Space
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03/29/2004 - Hawking allegedly assaulted - case later dismissed(?) -- wifey?
01/29/2004 - Pneumonia almost claims Hawking's Life but instead gives him insight into Information Paradox question
10/16/2001 - Hawkings Interview - Colonise Space or Die

Sunday, January 7, 2007

2007 Focus - Brains & Bots

2006 was about reflection, change and relief. Not just for me, but I believe the country "exhaled" too..... American voters decided to start anew and chose a new Congress ... the President got rid of Rumsfield and a bi-partisan panel issued the Iraq War Report recommending fundamental changes in Iraq War strategy. Another savage year in Iraq ended with the savage execution of a savage man ... Saddam Hussein was executed.

Personally, I decided to mentally "reboot" in 2006. Took on a mostly part-time schedule throughout the year, took the first sabbatical of my career, forced myself to read books I've been wanting to read and continued my favorite hobby - running. After my great west-coast sabbatical I came back to center city Philly, quietly settled into a nice little apartment and picked up my software consulting hours at a south jersey client (sabbaticals are great -- but you dont make much money) and started laying the groundwork for what I plan to focus on during 2007.

2007 Resolutions
  1. Fitness - pick up the running another notch - Initial Goal: 5 miles - no stops - at an average below 7 minutes/per mile. Also will do more trail & hill running in beautiful Valley Green - Philly Fairmount Park.
  2. Mental - continue the aggressive reading pace that I initiated in 2006. Goal: To get a comprehensive understanding of cognitive science and neuroscience by year end.
  3. Career - picking up the consulting hours to fund my 2007 geek hobby (below). Goal: To increase consulting revenues by 40% over 2006.
  4. Geek Hobby - using most of my personal free time ramping up on robotics, artifiical intelligence and advanced multicore/multithreaded programming. Goal: To build a small mobile robot driven by a generalized AI prototype - by year end with a small 3 man team.

Sounds like another year without a girlfriend :)