Sunday, August 20, 2006

8th Wonder of the World - the Internet

Feeling a little appreciative (must be the 35th birthday) and wanted to blog about it. I've been blessed to be part of the generation that has actively participated in the early childhood and growth of what's easily the 8th wonder of the world - Today's Internet. I was an undergraduate during the years of the Internet's text-based obscurity (I miss u Lynx, Gopher, Usenet & NAILS MUD) andI remember when our network wiz and the IT dept. first put Mosaic on the Unix boxes. - the first popular web browser. For a satellite campus of a major univeristy, we had one of the top networks around... BIG shout out to Stan Kolasa and the computing crew from Rutgers - Camden.

The beauty (and terror) of the internet is that its so humanly chaotic. An infinite landscape of hate, spirituality, love, war, sex, knowledge, ideas, news, crap, text, video, audio, sex, images, crap, pervs, dating, photos, angels, scientists, devils, zealots and yes .... more sex.

The current downside is that the internet is still largely skewed English and western but that should be changing with the growing worldwide Asian clout in India, China and the most wired country in the world - South Korea.

There's going to be a huge influx of fresh material during the next decade.... especially once more disconnected segments of society start ramping up their presence online too including Africa and South America. (Good luck to MIT Media Lab's Negroponte $100 laptop effort and AMD's 50x15 efforts).

The internet has changed so many aspects of my life ... I work exclusively over the internet now (via telecommute), A majority of my communication is via email and instant messenger and I get ALL my news online now (rarely ever watch TV news) ... but suprisingly, my book consumption (and budget) has not decreased even though it would've seemed natural that the internet should've displaced that too .....

So many sites ... so little time ....

Wikipedia - this online encyclopedia can get you on some serious deep linking sessions.
MIT OpenCourseWare - get smart.
YouTube - the old guy rocks but Shakira rules
mySpace - teenagers, old men disguised as teenagers and more teenagers.
SmugMug - SteveM pix - shameless plug but great photos - best US online newspaper .
Berkeley Webcasts - get smart (again)
eBay - sell anything... and I mean anything. & Shopzilla- charrrrrrrrrrrge it!!
idSoftware - I gleefully watched my cousin clutch his throat and give a death cry as I fragged him for years during multiplayer DOOM & QUAKE gaming !!!
slashdot & wired news - geeks, nerds and more geeks.
Limewire - Peer2Peer clients - poor P2P guys always getting sued, they go bankrupt, try to come back and then fade (RIP Napster, Kazaa) ... hopefully Limewire survives.
Yahoo Answers - Even Stephen Hawking was asking questions - shameless plug - just straight up science
Google & Maps - Maps started the Ajax hype
MSN Games - closet bejeweled lover
HubbleSite - Most beautiful pictures in the universe - boxing rocks, BBC & Al-Jazeera - hey .. one man's truth is another man's bullshit - the new Frat
Flickr - more photos
PokerStars - so much poker hype these days - not all government sucks - some of the gov websites are surpisingly resourceful - get the latest on the pandemics that'll doom us all one day,, JPL - the final frontier ... until we're all cyborgs one day.
ESPN - their real-time GameCast Flash apps are simply amazing
Technorati, Blogger, PodCastBunker, - Blogs, podcasts and more blogs.
Yahoo Personals & Don't act like you never looked - get your love on.
Craigslist - I've used craigslist to find sublet apartments in NYC & San Francisco.
Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hindu - get your prayer on
CartoonNetwork - kept my niece busy for hours playing their games
Fantasy Art, NYPL Art, Art Museums, Digital Art, CG Art, SciFi Art, Graffiti Art

... but the more obscure sites on the internet is what continuosly boggles my mind ... it's amazing the shit you can find during deep linking sessions on the net but thats for another post ... i'm sleepy.

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